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Connecting strengths with strategies

A coach or mentor can make a positive difference in times of transition or when

working through career or workplace challenges. The Thread uses an appreciative

approach to encourage the coachee to build confidence, and motivation. Using a

series of challenges and questions, the coachee is supported to identify strengths,

define goals recognize opportunities, build resilience and create action plans.
Key focus areas include.

⦁    Personal goals
⦁    Career goals
⦁    Personality type/ personal style
⦁    Values/ beliefs
⦁    Alignment
⦁    Resilience

The appreciative inquiry approach is based on the belief that all people have strengths and successes that can be built upon. The coaching session is based on a series of detailed questions which flesh out the coachee’s personal response to the four key steps:

⦁    Describe: Identify strengths.

What are the positive images and stories of success/fulfillment from your life experience?

⦁    Dream: Aspirational thinking.

Where do you wish to be?

⦁    Decide: Action statements.

How can you creatively use your strengths to get there?

⦁    Deliver: Plans and timelines.

What is your realistic action plan?
The coaching program begins with an agreed plan. Sessions last for 90 minutes and are held at agreed intervals, with email or telephone support available, if needed between sessions.

What is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself
Abraham Maslow.
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