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Real life experience 

Ruth’s experience as CEO of three Not-For-Profit organisations (Australia and New Zealand Intensive Care Society; Occupational Therapy Australia, Victoria; and Huntington's Victoria) and in a range of government departments, has given her an understanding of the challenges of budget constraints working with boards and meeting the needs of funders and the client group. 
This experience means that Ruth will provide independent advice on practical options which will work in your context and within your resources. Link to Ruth's CV 


Strengths-based approach 

The Appreciative inquiry approach is based on the view that every organisation has stories of strengths, highlights and successes. Ruth blends a problem-solving approach with appreciative inquiry to develop future focused recommendations built on organisational strengths.
This approach leaves lasting benefits to the workplace, including improved morale, deeper connection to the organisation and breaking down of silos. Link to Process 


Small, connected, efficient 

Ruth will not waste your time and money writing long reports. She will work to an agreed project brief and provide clear, practical, independent recommendations in a range of formats, which may include presentations, meetings with key people, workshops or brief, meaningful reports. 
The Thread is a solo consulting practice, which means that you deal directly with the person who will work on the project. For you, this means reduced costs. You don't pay for infrastructure or administration. The Thread can connect with a network of colleagues to scale up resources for larger projects or partner with people with specific skill sets when required.


No surprises

Ruth is a member of the Australian Evaluation Society and abides by their Guidelines for the Ethical Conduct of Evaluations. Ruth will only take on assignments that match her skills and experience There are no hidden costs. Every project budget includes all expenses and is agreed with you before work begins. All clients are provided with a standard contract, including a project schedule and budget. Client and stakeholder confidentiality is guaranteed.

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