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The thread can provide support for any part of the planning process:

⦁    Environmental scanning
⦁    SWOT analysis
⦁    Community consultation
⦁    Needs analysis
⦁    Facilitated discussions with boards and/or staff
⦁    Development of a strategic plan document
⦁    Business plan and budget development

and can help you integrate the overall plan into your daily work to keep it active, alive and meaningful.

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 Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the best

John D Rockefeller.

A practical plan- not a dusty report 

A practical strategic plan can help your organisation achieve

powerful results for your client group by:
⦁    Focusing on a few important goals
⦁    Building on your key strengths
⦁    Linking with the needs of your client group
⦁    Acknowledging the realities of your environment
⦁    Being believable, relevant and achievable for your staff


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