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Independent advice to inform decision making

Understanding which new programs are needed, which existing

programs are working well and where changes can improve results

helps organizations deliver

the highest impact fee for the best value.
Program evaluation provides the answers to important questions such as:

⦁    What is the rationale tor the program?
⦁    How well is the program meeting its objectives?
⦁    What is actually happening?
⦁    What’s the real cost of the program?
⦁    Are there any unintended consequences?
⦁    What do the clients/staff think about the program?
⦁    How could the program be improved?
⦁    How could this program be delivered in another setting?
⦁    What are the most significant emerging problems?
⦁    Could a new program meet these needs?
⦁    What would be the best design to meet these needs?


The Thread can help you answer these and other more specific questions to inform you of planning or funding decisions by using a number of approaches such as:

⦁    Participatory evaluation approaches
⦁    Appreciative inquiry
⦁    Needs assessment
⦁    Program logic development and analysis
⦁    Evidence review and analysis
Ruth uses a range of quantitative and qualitative techniques Including:
⦁    Interactive group methods, focus groups, world café
⦁    Surveys, Delphi
⦁    Interviews, observation, case studies
⦁    Document analysis, benchmarking
⦁    Literature review

Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things
Peter Drucker.
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