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The Thread Process

The Thread uses participatory, strengths based approaches combined with problem solving skills to achieve practical solutions for real world situations. Consultation is a feature of this approach, and is used to reach agreement on the project plan, gather data from stakeholders, validate the findings and to communicate throughout the process.
The thread process is outlined below:


My greatest strength as a consultant is to be ignorant and ask a few questions
Peter Drucker.
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1. Explore 

Activities: Initial conversation, identify issues and objectives, understand context
Outputs: Broad project brief, agreed project scope.

2. Connect 

Activities:    Agreement on project focus, objectives, roles, access to information and stakeholders, resources, methodology, deliverables, timelines, budget
Outputs:    Contract including project plan, timeline, deliverables and budget
Outline of communications plan.

3.Consult and analyse 

Activities:    Conduct workshops, interviews, surveys, focus groups. Analyse documents, evidence benchmarks, quantitative and qualitative data.
Outputs:    Preliminary results 

4. Validate 

Activities:    Preliminary results discussed with key stakeholders for validation and feedback.
Outputs:    Validated data

5. Deliver 

Activities:    Final results presented in a variety of options:
report, presentation, workshop, meeting
Outputs:    Recommendations and action plan.

6. Review 

Activities:    Meeting with the client to assess outcome of the project and determine if any implementation issues. 
Outputs:    Further recommendations or action plan if required.

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