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Connecting strengths with strategies 

The Thread connects the strengths of people and organizations to practical solutions often in challenging environments. Ruth works collaboratively with values-based organizations and individuals through consultation, analysis, facilitation, evaluation, and coaching to enhance performance and achieve the best results for the client group by providing:

⦁    Practical strategic and business plans

⦁    Relevant governance and accountability systems 

⦁    Independent program evaluation 

⦁    Strength-based Coaching

Ruth has worked in a range of CEO, executive, research and consulting roles across Not-For-Profit, government and university organisations in a career spanning over 30 years. She is passionate about social Justice and combines a positive energy with logical analysis to produce meaningful and practical outcomes.
For example, under Ruth’s leadership:

⦁    A member-based organization increased its annual sponsorship revenue 20-fold after clarifying and effectively communicating its value proposition to its key potential sponsors

⦁    An NGO achieved significant efficiency improvements by adjusting its service catchments and use of infrastructure following an evaluation of its major program

⦁    A member-based health organisation dramatically reduced internal conflict and improved staff morale after working consultatively with staff and members to introduce practical governance and accountability systems.

⦁    A small Not-For-Profit organisation increased its fundraising income 10-fold in the first year after identifying and implementing key strategies and messages

⦁    A small health organisation achieved increased wellbeing for its client group after resigning its programs from medical to social issues in response to consumer feedback

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